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GSM Plastic Industries is Processing (Recycling) Post consumed and Post Industrial PET bottles into PET Bales and Cold and Hot washed PET Flakes. Our PET Bottle Bales and PET Flakes are extensively used to manufacture PSF (Polyester Staple Fiber),POY (Polyester Yarn),Extruded PET Sheets, PET straps(Box Packing),PET Preforms and Recycled PET resin of Different IV s. GSM Plastic Industries manufactures Consistent good quality PET Flakes for export Markets China, Taiwan, Korea, USA, European Countries, North American and Other Asian Countries. We are also catering to domestic markets and our products are extensively used in various downstream applications.

GSM Plastic Industries is Established in the year 2014 , is promoted by its Director Mr. Shashidhar Madarkhandi ,He is B E (Mechanical) MBA (Operations ) and DPPT from CIPET. Who has experience of 20 years working in different Plastic Manufacturing Industries in India, Africa and Gulf Countries in different positions as Engineer Upto General Manager Positions in reputed Companies. He has good Experience and knowledge of PET bottle recycling business in India and abroad. He has successfully commissioned PET bottle Recycling projects in India and Abroad

CONSULTANCY SERVICES FOR NEW PLASTIC Products and PET Bottle Recycling Projects:

  1. New PET Bottle Recycling Projects
  2. New r PET Extruded Pellets (r PET Resin) Plant with IV Enhancer –For Food Grade and Non Food Grade Applications
  3. Sick units of PET Recycling Unit and other Plastic plants turnaround projects
  4. Solutions for PET Recycling Plant Output, Quality and Plant Efficiency problems
  5. Solutions for Plastic Recycling Plant and Machinery problems and its modifications
  6. New PET Perform Manufacturing Plants (72,96 Cavity molds )
  7. Technical Manpower providers for Injection Molding, Blow Molding ,Extrusion and PET Recycling Projects.
  8. Training of Technical manpower for Recycling Projects.
  9. U PVC and CPVC Pipe Plant projects

PROCUREMENT: Materials we Buy

We Buy waste PET Bottles in Loose or baled form. (Natural, Tint Blue, Green and Amber color PET bottles Of any size and any quantity. Pre-sorted PET Bottles (clear & light blue, Green and Amber)


We have established state of the art Post Consumed PET Bottle Recycling plant on 10000 Sq.Ft space in KSSIDC, Government of Karnataka developed Industrial area .Which consists of Different proven recycling processes Like Pre Sorting, Pre Bottle washing, Crushing, Cold and Hot Washing, Spin Drying, Thermal Drying and Packing.

Quality Control:

We have state of the art Quality control Lab to Measure different Quality parameters of Input raw materials and finished goods. GSM Plastic Industries has highly qualified technical team of Engineers; Lab Technicians to maintain consistent quality of PET recycled products.

PET Bottle Bales

Cold and Hot washed PET Bottle Flakes

Hot and Cold Washed PET Bottle Flakes of Different Grades for different downstream applications like PSF (Polyester Staple Fiber)PET Sheet, PET Preforms, PET Strap, PET Resin.
Colors: Natural, Green, Sky Blue and Amber

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Plot No.P-2, KSSIDC AREA, 5th Main Road
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